Chef Devon Yurko and Chef Linda Pellegrini

Dish: Italian Stallion Kabobs

  • Amount $1,026.00
  • Target $1,000.00
  • Backers 13

This chef has collected $1,026.00 of his $1,000.00 tip goal. It is 102.60% of the Chef Devon Yurko campaign goal.


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Top 10 Donors

  1. Keith Marianne Yurko $400.00
  2. David Yurko $125.00
  3. Charles Frankel $100.00
  4. MaryLynne Hartl $100.00
  5. Janet  Oh $50.00
  6. Jennifer Hulick $50.00
  7. Larissa Yurko $50.00
  8. Event Night Tips $26.00
  9. Brendan Berry $25.00
  10. Daniel Roy $25.00

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  1. MaryLynne Hartl says:

    Wishing Chef Devon and Chef Pellegrini and the entire Boys and Girls Club of Kalamazoo a successful event this weekend. I know how much heart and soul goes into every effort to better the lives of the children of Kalamazoo better.

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