Chef Joe Oswalt

Dish: Oswalt’s Beef and Lamb Meatballs

  • Amount $476.00
  • Target $1,000.00
  • Backers 8

This chef has collected $476.00 of his $1,000.00 tip goal. It is 47.60% of the Chef Joe Oswalt campaign goal.

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Top 10 Donors

  1. Event Night Tips $101.00
  2. Kimberly Oswalt $100.00
  3. Rick  DeKam $100.00
  4. Ellen Remmert $50.00
  5. Michelle  Romeo $50.00
  6. Shawn and Nick Wrathell $25.00
  7. Taylor Eaton $25.00
  8. Kelly Wander $25.00

One Comment

  1. Rick DeKam says:

    Joe – Its time to beat the drum, row the boat, and crank up the band, on this 100 Men Who Cook gig! Consider crafting an e-mail to 100 of your closest friends and ask them for their support; you may be surprised by the response?! You can also post something on your social media sites and let your friends and family know that in addition to supporting you and Oswalt Farms, their donations are also going to support a GREAT cause; triple win! Good luck tonight! – Uncle Rick

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