Chef Sid Ellis

Dish: Funky Brownies

  • Amount $432.00
  • Target $1,000.00
  • Backers 8

This chef has collected $432.00 of his $1,000.00 tip goal. It is 43.20% of the Chef Sid Ellis campaign goal.


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Top 10 Donors

  1. Maria Suszynski $50.00
  2. Jerry and Louise Potratz $50.00
  3. Stacy  Jackson $25.00
  4. Holly Williams $25.00
  5. Paula Lupina $25.00
  6. Tina Smith-Balanda $25.00
  7. Asenath Cain $20.00

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula Lupina says:

    Yummy, wish I could attend. Boys & Girls Club is one of my favorite places. I volunteered there and did science projects with the children. Although, they were not advertised as science. The goal was to make learning fun.

  2. Maria Suszynski says:

    Thank you for supporting such a great organization, Sid! I’m grateful for having met you at the BGC so long ago.

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